The HPT Difference

What Distinguishes HPT from other Lodging REIT Peers is our Operating Agreement Structure.

HPT invests in two asset categories, hotels and travel centers. We believe this provides a diversification to HPT’s cash flows as hotel and travel center demand historically have been dependent on growth in the United States economy though initially impacted at different points in the business cycle.

Our investment objectives include increasing cash flow from operations from dependable and diverse sources in order to provide secure and increasing per share distributions to our shareholders.

To achieve this, all but two of our 507 properties are included in one of 11 portfolio agreements. These agreements generally require our operators to pay HPT a minimum return or rent and include properties in diverse locations. In addition, the majority of the agreements include either a security deposit or limited guarantee from the operator to secure a portion of the minimum payments due to us.

Our hotel properties are operated by brand owners, as opposed to third-party management groups. We believe the brand owner/operator - hotel owner relationship combined with our agreement structures creates strong alignment of interest.

Hotels Protection Travel


Portfolio Agreements

Travel Centers

7 Brand Owners manage or operate 328 HPT’s hotels and 179 travel centers1.
11 Portfolio Agreements Each portfolio agreement includes between 9 and 102 geographically diversified properties and represents between 3% and 23% of HPT’s annual minimum returns and rents1.
73% of HPT’s annual minimum returns and rents were secured by corporate guarantees and/or security deposits1.

1Data as of June 30, 2019.

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